Artificial Lawn Preparation

Correct Preparation Of The Ground Will Ensure The Long Life of Your New Prestige Artificial Lawn

Step 1: Firstly we work out the correct finished heights of the artificial grass. Once this has been decided, we use a Turf Cutter or digger to remove the lawn and excavate to a depth of approx.. 100mm (4 inches)

Step 2: After levelling any unnecessary bumps we carefully level off the area leaving any natural falls. We dispose all  the waste generated. Then we lay a heavy duty weed barrier as a lining for the sub-base before adding type 1 hardcore stone. The geotextile is tear resistance and controls any unwanted weeds.

Step 3: We apply a 60mm layer of type 1 hardcore, once levelled with a rake, we compacted with a wacker plate. This gives the grass base strength and stability but also keeps it porous.

Step 4: We then add on top 25mm of sharp sand. The sand is there to offer a sturdy surface but still giving some soft cushioning for young members of the family. Once raked level the sand gets compacted until the base is perfect for supporting the grass above.

Step 5: The new artificial grass gets unrolled and stretch over the area. Once settled, our install team carefully cut the boundary with a sharp knife, making the blades look like they are just growing over the edges. Then the grass gets fixed down around the perimeter using 150mm galvanised fixing pegs, approx.. 3 every liner meter. Any joins are stuck together using heavy duty bounding tape – once joined, will always be one piece!

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